About Us

Nada Puspita initially emerged as a small brand in 2015, stemming from the visionary dreams of our founder, Indah Nada Puspita. Her aspiration was to channel her creativity on a larger scale and positively influence a multitude of people.

Despite its humble beginnings, our brand carries lofty ambitions. As our team expanded, so did the range of products we could create and offer to our customers. This shared dream has also inspired us to commit ourselves to getting closer to our customers by opening offline stores in various cities throughout Indonesia.

As a modest fashion brand, we consistently strive to provide women with the products they need, including scarves, clothing, and accessories. Not only do we prioritize comfort and feminine senses, but we also ensure that our products are of exceptional quality within their class.

It is our earnest desire to continue supporting and empowering women, accompanying them in their journey, and encouraging unwavering self-confidence at every step.

We are excited to welcome you to be part of the Nada Puspita community.